Feather Collection Canvas Wall Art Prints


If you are looking for a fresh décor style for a dull room or a forgotten corner, feather canvas wall art prints are all the rage. Our stunning collection of feather wall art prints will release your inner interior décor skills, bringing colour, movement and an airy lightness into your living space.

Feather art prints are delicate, graceful and pretty and come in almost any colour palette you can imagine. Choose pink tones for a young girl’s room, blue or monochrome feather wall art for an on-trend living space and maroon for a sophisticated lux look.

Mix and match colours for your entertainment area, your patio, breakfast nook, den or office. For a rustic themed room or a wood panelled home study, we have bold orange and brown feather wall prints that will look magnificent above a roaring fireplace.

Our feather canvas prints offer an exiting, versatile and innovative choice of hanging options. Do you have an awkwardly sized space where nothing seems to fits? Mount one long, single feather framed wall art print and it will be instantly transformed.

If you are struggling to fill up a large empty wall, choose a set of 3 individual feather canvas prints. Hang them as a trio or place at different heights to create interest, texture and levels. For a trendy look, hang a single feather canvas wall art print and a double feather wall print side by side – the options are endless and fun.

Does hanging multiple feather art prints sound like too much work? Choose a huge feather wall art design with three or four different coloured feathers in one frame and achieve a similar effect!

Feathers can whisk you away to the amorous, romantic era of the Roaring 20’s. Smoky jazz clubs, Blues by Duke Ellington, sequinned flapper dresses and dancing the Charleston. They also speak of ancient tribal rituals, mystery and tradition. And, now that Boho is the hot buzz word, you need at least one feather framed canvas wall art piece in your home!

Feather Collection

Browse our large range of beautiful Watercolour Feather Art prints and buy online. Display individually for a narrow space or in matching sets for a large display.

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Found a print in a magazine or elsewhere, but can’t find it on our website? We're happy to help you with your specific requirement. Our wall art prints are available in a choice of wrapped canvas prints, canvas prints with floating frame (white, black & woodgrain) or modern acrylic prints.