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Giraffe Canvas Wall Art Prints

One of the most unique animals on the planet has to be the giraffe! With a long neck that extends almost two metres, these elegant, graceful creatures can reach the sweetest, top-most leaves on a tree.

Whether you are obsessed with the giraffe or want to bring back memories of a safari tour into the exotic African bush, a giraffe wall art print will add the perfect finish to your home or business décor. Our giraffe canvas prints are also ideal for school classrooms and children’s playrooms, especially when mixed and matched with other animals from our stunning animal wall art collection.

Choose an imposing set of monochrome giraffe canvas wall prints, one with a mother and baby against a grey backdrop and the other a stunning lone giraffe against a jet black backdrop. Or, choose a trio of giraffe heads in a beautiful velvety mosaic pattern of rich brown and tan. Each looks in a different direction – are they watching for the hunting lioness or casually surveying the open plains of Africa? You decide.

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Browse our Giraffe Wall Art collection and purchase these high quality canvas and framed canvas wall prints online. Many sizes and framing styles to choose from. Fast and free worldwide shipping for orders over $100.

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