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From massive rolling breakers crashing onto the shore to a tranquil beach at sunset, our collection of beach wall artcanvas prints online will capture your imagination. They are perfect to bring the allure of the sea into your in-city apartment, uplift an entertainment area, hang in a beach cottage or decorate a marine-inspired space.

For adrenaline-seeking surfers who ride the tubes, we have a breathtaking selection of wave art prints, capturing scenes of rolling breakers from all angles.

Did you miss out on catching the big one? Show off anyway with a fabulous fish art print of the giant marlin that got away, or a shark wall canvas that shows just how close it came!

Our marine art prints feature adorable pictures of colourful fish and seashells, ideal for a kiddies playroom. For your hide-away or den, we suggest a tropical island art print to transport you to exotic destinations. Or, a magnificent silver moon over the dark ocean, designed to relax and rejuvenate your mind.

Romance and the ocean are perfect partners and our beach wall art prints make great gift ideas for engagements, anniversaries and weddings. Offer the happy couple a romantic sunset or a beach boardwalk to paradise.

If you are seeking inspiration, the wonderful ‘Let Your Dreams Set Sail’ art hanging is a must-have to mount above your work desk. Get inspired by lighthouses standing on rocky cliffs, guiding ships safely to shore or let your imagination flow with abstract art prints of water, sea foam and waves in lovely tones of blue.

For ship fanatics, scenes of rigging and a ship’s wheel make an imposing nautical statement on a den wall.

If you can’t find the exact print you are looking for we can help you find it. Just use our Custom Request form and we will take the hard work out of finding your perfect beach or ocean themed wall art print.

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Beach & Ocean Wall Art

Our range of ocean and beach Wall Art Prints brings a taste of summer to any room. From boats to beaches, waves to whales this Nautical Wall Art collection is perfect for a Coastal Style Décor.


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Found a print in a magazine or elsewhere, but can’t find it on our website? We're happy to help you with your specific requirement. Our wall art prints are available in a choice of wrapped canvas prints, canvas prints with floating frame (white, black & woodgrain) or modern acrylic prints.