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Bird Wall Art Canvas Wall Art Prints

Browse our collection of magnificent bird wall art prints. Be awed by a sense of freedom and wonder as these amazing creatures take your thoughts skywards.

Bird and butterfly wall prints add a wonderful touch to any living space. Hang them in a master bedroom, an entertainment area or a sunny kitchen nook. They also create a wonderful natural ambience in office receptions, showrooms and convention centres.

Choose a striking monochrome Pelican Landing on a glassy lake. Go colourful with a Watercolour Peacock, a bright Hummingbird or a Jungle Parrot. We have a fabulous choice of exotic bird canvas prints featuring Black Cockatoos and imposing Grey African Parrots.

Delight a young teen – give her a bird framed wall art of two hot pink flamingos standing together in front of a huge hot pink Love Heart!

Relax in your bedroom or reading room and let your mind drift as an elegant White Swan glides down a tranquil lake, or a Pigeon in lovely pink tones soars up into the sky. Wise old owl wall art prints are ideal for a study or office. Mount as a set and let them keep watch over you as you work.

Have fun redecorating a little girl’s room with butterfly framed canvas wall art prints. We have two matching butterflies which can be mounted as a pair. On the opposite wall, hang brightly coloured Abstract Flamingos prints to complete the look.

Looking for a heartfelt Baby Shower gift? Our charming bird canvas wall art of a Penguin and Chick will delight a Mum-to-be.

Unleash your hidden décor skills – we have a large choice of feather canvas art prints in wonderful colours that can be mixed and matched. Hang them at different levels to create a modern, eye-catching effect.

For a trendy in-city apartment, create a focal point in your entrance way with a stunning Maroon Feathers Abstract print.

bird and butterfly wall canvas art

Bird Wall Art

Our range of Bird and Butterfly Art Prints instil a sense of wonder and a feeling of being free. These beautiful Wall Art Prints are all available as Canvas and Framed Canvas Prints and Acrylic Prints. Many sizes and framing choices from jst $29.

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Found a print in a magazine or elsewhere, but can’t find it on our website? We're happy to help you with your specific requirement. Our wall art prints are available in a choice of wrapped canvas prints, canvas prints with floating frame (white, black & woodgrain) or modern acrylic prints.