Great Ideas for a Scandinavian Style Kids Room or Nursery

Faced with decorating a dreamy kids room or nursery and looking for something stylish and on-trend? Nordic-chic is the way to go.

Scandinavian themed rooms are light, airy and sophisticated, while still offering a distinct child-like ambience where little ones can sleep, play, explore and grow.

Start with the floor – go for light coloured wood like beech or ash and throw down shaggy rugs to sit on. Walls must be cream or ivory to enhance the fresh, clean look. Maximise natural light by hanging curtains that can be opened fully.

Next, introduce muted, soft tones of blue, pink and grey. Wooden blocks and cuddly white teddy bears are always a favourite with small people. A burst of colour must finish the look – paint a low table bright red and green or cover the bed with a bold vibrant striped throw.

Add the final touch with our stunning Scandinavian themed canvas wall art prints. We have adorable Sleepy Bears, Little Stars, Sweet Dreams and fun words like ‘Hello Little One’ and ‘Oh Baby’. Invite your friends round and show off your décor skills!

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