What Psychology Has to Say About Wall Art Placement and Selection

The art we decide to display on our walls is more than mere decoration; it’s a form of self-expression, a declaration of style and intellectual aesthetic, and a powerful mood-setter. Indeed, the psychology behind the selection and placement of wall art is so nuanced that it is often very easy to enhance your living space and sincerely improve your mood all at once.

Selecting The Right Art:

Content: It goes without saying that the content should elicit some emotion. Landscapes are conventional for inducing serenity and openness, while bright abstract pieces tend to set the room on fire, invigorating bright ideas and creation. Before selecting the art, it’s crucial to decide exactly what it’s supposed to make you feel.

Placement: Location may greatly impact how art is perceived. If you place an artwork at eye level, you might expect viewers to feel like they are a part of it; as a result, the room will appear to be a part of them. On the other hand, higher art draws the gaze upwards, creating the illusion of the height of the ceiling, ideal for smaller rooms, and lower art seems to be pulling the ceiling down.

Scale: The size of the artwork relative to the wall is also a key factor. Small art on a large wall makes the room look bigger but emptier, while big art on a small wall leaves a stronger impression of the room. If it looks packed, the room will look and feel very compact.

Colour: The colours also play a vital role, as they tend to set the room’s mood. Blue and blue tones are calming and perfect for a bedroom or a study area. However, colours like yellow and orange are excellent for the living area since they emanate a sense of joy and vibrancy.

Harmony: Finally, the harmony of the piece with the rest of the room is also crucial. Art that blends entirely with the room’s colours and styles adds to its naturalness and helps the room flow.

Using these psychological factors to select and place wall art will enhance not only your living room decor but also your place’s ambiance. Therefore, when pooling together a room on an empty canvas or thinking through new redesigns, do remember how space and art impact you and think about how you would like to influence acquaintances.


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