Guide to Choosing the Right Wall Art, Decor and Homewares: Accentuate Your House with Style

Choosing the right wall art and decor for your house can be a joyful but overwhelming task. Whether you’re decorating a warm beachside house or a cool city-life loft, the choices you make can set the mood of your room. Here is a step-by-step guide to choosing your wall art, décor and homewares:

  1. Room Dynamics

Try to think about the size and colour of the wall art in association with the room’s dimensions and colour scheme. Abstract wall arts can be used in living rooms to create a pop of colour, using them as a room centre. Or, in smaller rooms, wall art in black and white colours can enhance depth without filling out the room.

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  1. Select the Proper Theme

Choose a theme for your wall art that works well with the atmosphere you want. Coastal wall arts are usually calming, as they depict quiet sea and beach areas, while exotic wall art, like animal or floral, can offer you fresh vibes and a breath of nature’s tranquilly.

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  1. Complement Furniture

Your wall-mounted wall art should not only complement your wall but also your furniture and other decor. For a house with modern furniture, the best option is to go with contemporary, slick pieces, such as abstract or black and white wall art. On the other hand, boho wall art, with its numerous colours, vivid tones and lively patterns, is more comfortable in a room with other bohemian-style furniture or vintage-style furniture.

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  1. Playing with Colours

Colour is a weapon that can totally change the interior. Bright accents in the form of boho or floral wall art will give the neutral areas vitality and liveliness. If you plan to keep the colour scheme more gentle and noble, use images with a coastal theme or prefer black and white ones; in this case, the interior will be given elegance and sophistication.

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  1. Size Matters

Lastly, size is vital when it comes to selecting wall art. When art covers too much or too little of a wall, it often appears garish and destroys the coherence of a place. Fill around two-thirds to three-quarters of the available area with art. Mural capacity can also be used to establish a balance on larger walls. Pieces that can be paired for a uniform piece are also excellent for cover and space.

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