Our Floral Wall Art collection ranges from stunning watercolour Flower Art Prints to fine art photography Floral Prints. There is sure to be a Floral Art Print to match any décor within this collection.


Visit Final Touch Decor and discover all the beauty nature has to offer with our Flora Wall Art Collection. A beautiful choice of floral prints that catch the eye, with bold colours and softness, are seen in the gorgeous prints of bright flowers that represent the beauty in nature. Each of these pieces is designed to spur life and elegance in your home, from one room to the next. The Flora Collection consists of lush bouquets and petite singles created in a range of designs and compositions suitable for every flower lover.

Flowers serve as a never-ending homage to the beauty of nature, which is appropriate for a home ornament.

Size and Framing Options

The sizes available in our Flora Wall Art Collection are flexible to meet your specific decor requirements. And, whether you want to make a big statement by hanging a large piece of botanical wall art or want something more subtle like a series of smaller prints, we have the right size for you. There is also no shortage of framing options to add flare to your chosen piece. Your images can be produced with your choice of classic wood frames if you like a more traditional feeling, metal frames for a contemporary look, or keep them frameless! With these options to suit you, you can be confident that should you ever have a Wall & Wonder design on your wall, it will look good with anything you have in your home!

Quality Assurance

At Final Touch Decor, we have the finest quality wall art prints. The Flora Wall Art Collection is printed on technologically advanced, high-end, fine art inkjet Canon printers and is printed on a high-grade material that is 100% true to their image. We check each piece and deliver our product to you in top-quality conditions with all due pride. Quality is extremely important to us, as we endeavour to ensure that your high-quality floral art print will look stunning, remain beautiful, and bring you joy for many years to come.

Special Editions, Shipping, and Promo

The Flora Wall Art Collection also features limited-edition prints for those who want an element of rarity. These editions will only drive up the value and exclusiveness of your collection, being that each ended up being a statement piece that would look good in any living room or office. Enjoy free, prompt delivery on all orders over $150. That beautiful artwork of the flowers you hand-painted will soon make its way to your doorstep with no extra charge. For orders under this amount, shipping is only $14.95 worldwide, which means you can shop with confidence and afford to pretty up your walls with some floral prints.

Infuse your home with the enchanting charm and timeless fine art of our Flora Wall Art Collection, and allow each piece to bloom in your space. Contact our team of experts for more information or to make an order at Final Touch Decor. We are bringing you this guide to shop for beautiful floral artworks that speak to your style and even elevate your home space.