Latest Floral Wall Art Trends to Revolutionize your Home Decor with Flower Prints

While floral wall art is considered a classic and is unlikely to go out of style, the way blooms are depicted in home design is constantly changing. Whether you are a design expert or just want to spice up your living space a little, getting a grasp of the latest floral wall art trends can help you make decisions of all sizes. Here are some popular themes, styles, and ideas that have recently been capturing the attention of designers and homeowners.

Botanical Illustrations

A classic look. There is something timeless about botanical illustrations. These detailed drawings are not purely decorative; they are also educational pieces of art. Although, these prints usually go best with a neutral background and a Latin name for the plant in question, they can work just as well in a traditional wooden frame or a modern glass one.

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Modern Minimalist

As minimalistic as the rest of everything else. Minimalism is still huge, and flower art is not an exception. These images are all about negative space and simplicity, often featuring just one bloom. This style goes pretty well with the aforementioned minimalism in furniture and other designs, making it great for modern, streamlined spaces with clean lines.

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Abstract florals

Perfect for the avant-garde. For people who think outside the box when it comes to design, abstract flower art is an excellent opportunity to get creative. Whether you are an artist experimenting with a new technique or you just simply enjoy the shapes and colours, these art pieces are an eye-catching centrepiece regardless of the room.

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Macro Photography

For lovers of intricate details. Macro photography can bring even the smallest raindrop on a flower into focus. This type of picture looks fabulous on a large white or black wall, especially if you balance the tiny details with clear and open spaces.

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Watercolour Florals

A wave of colour where you least expect it. Watercolour makes everything gentler, softer, and simply more pleasant. This style looks amazing in a bedroom, especially since it goes well with the wooden furniture. It also works perfectly with the more modern industrial style with unobtrusive black-and-white colours.

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The perfect floral wall art may turn any boring room into a lovely oasis that fully matches the hottest trends and reflects your tastes the most. Create the vibe you desire with our vast library of floral wall art designs at


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