Inspirational Wall Art

Our positive and uplifting collection of inspirational quote Canvas Wall Art Prints are sure to bring a smile to your face. For Custom Designed Canvas Quote Prints choose Custom Request at top right of page.



Quotes can uplift, delight, inspire, bring hope, create dreams and offer a heartfelt message. Whatever advice, words or thoughts a friend or loved one is in need of, our exclusive collection of inspirational quote canvas wall art will say it in the most perfect way.

Dream, Live, Dare, Be Happy and Enjoy have become buzz words of those seeking to stand out from the crowd. We offer a stunning collection of inspirational canvas and framed canvas prints with these motivational themed words. For goal-setters, ‘Do It’, ‘Dream Big’, ‘Take the Risk’ and ‘The Best Way to Predict the Future is to Create it’ will motivate go-getters of all ages.

Taking the stress out of everyday life is something everyone appreciates. Our humorous quote wall prints are sure to bring a smile to your face. Choose a poster explaining how to give your 100% at work – split over 5 days – it is a laugh!

The ocean is certain to take one’s mind to a more relaxed place. Offer a lovely blue toned ‘I Love Vitamin Sea’ or a surfing ocean themed art wall print as a special gift.

Caffeine-up your mood with a coffee quote canvas print. ‘But Coffee First’ and ‘All I Need is Coffee and Lipstick’ will do the job.

Inspiration tribal framed art prints are ideal for children and teen’s rooms. Choose from our range of dream catchers, feathers, Indian headdresses and arrow themed designs.

Living a life ‘Doing What You Love’ is the hidden desire of many people. Motivating friends with a thoughtful canvas wall print can make a difference in a moment and change a life forever.

If you have a quote that has great sentimental value or meaningful significance, we can create a unique framed art print for you. Place the words on a backdrop of your choice – choose abstract, modern, vintage, monochrome or full colour. It will be the perfect décor canvas wall hanging to inspire you every time you see it.