Patterned Wall Art

These purely decorative pieces of Patterned Canvas Wall Art have become a popular interior design trend, allowing simple colour co-ordination between Wall Art and room décor.


Heighten your decor with the alluring beauty of our Pattern Collection canvas wall art prints. With a variety of complex patterns—geometric shapes and abstract motifs, organic textures, and repetitive elements—the collection is a mesmerising one. Details such as paintings are handpicked to ensure a stunning visual statement on your walls, with a focus on art of depth, dimension, rhythm, etc. Whether you are looking for bold, striking patterns or subtle, minimalistic designs, there will be an option that fits the style of your choice the best and complements your current decor. Explore the power of pattern on canvas art and allow these large, vibrant prints to rejuvenate your sitting room, bedroom, or work areas.

Size and Framing Options

You can buy this Pattern Collection canvas wall art as a special gift. We carry small, medium, and large-size images, all available with 1-3 panel-picture prints. Browse our collection of prints. Whether you are after a large, statement piece for a focal point or you are creating an interesting gallery wall with smaller prints, we have the perfect size to fit your vision. Our canvases are stretched over a solid, durable wooden frame, so they are ready to hang and make the perfect gift. This airy and minimalistic frameless design draws attention to the showcased work, while its wrapped edges give a clean and elegant impression from every angle. These patterned canvas prints can be worked into any room to upgrade the overall vibe and decor without more effort!

Quality Assurance

Final Touch Decor specialises in offering some of the best-quality wall art that you can get. Premium canvas prints of our Pattern Collection canvas prints are made with a premium-quality polyester canvas that is used exclusively for gallery canvases in order to provide the most detailed photographic printing available when receiving the latest printing technology for sharp photographic reproduction and colour fidelity that will not fade or warp. Your print is inspected prior to packing to guarantee it is in perfect condition when it arrives at your door. We take pride in the construction and quality of our wall art, allowing you to love your new scenery for a lifetime. Our dedication to quality ensures that your canvas from the Pattern Collection is sure to be a cherished fine art print that will enhance the decor in your home.

Limited Print and Shipping Costs and Promo

Upgrade your home decor with our one-of-a-kind Limited Edition Pattern Collection canvas wall art prints. Available only in limited editions, these are treasures of scarcity and rarity that enrich your spaces. A limited-edition print makes your space unique and shows your love for art. Enjoy free shipping and a quick turnaround time for all orders over $150 by purchasing a new canvas print for your collection. Flat-rate shipping is $14.95 worldwide for orders under $150. Making these amazing patterned prints accessible to everyone, anywhere in the world.

Pattern Collection Wall Art Prints on Canvas let every piece tell a tale of an experience, initiate a conversation, and add another dimension to the look and feel of your home. If you have any enquiries or would like help selecting the right print that suits your space, kindly visit our website at Final Touch Decor. Whether you need some assistance picking out wood trays or sleek wood accessories for your collection, our team is ready to help guide you through the process of curating a wood serving collection that is entirely yours and elevates your interior design to new heights.