These purely decorative pieces of Patterned Canvas Wall Art have become a popular interior design trend, allowing simple colour co-ordination between Wall Art and room décor.



Bring a purely decorative touch to a room with a patterned canvas wall art print. These lovely patterns take a step away from real life and enchant with delightful designs that relax the mind.

In keeping with this popular decorative design trend, we offer a stunning choice of pattern framed wall art pieces that can be mixed and matched for your home, holiday cottage, garden hide-away, office or business. Release your hidden décor skills and easily uplift a forgotten wall, a difficult space or choose pattern art prints that blend in with the colours of your furniture, carpets or curtains.

For young girls we have wonderful pink, swirling pattern prints with a Boho tribal theme. They are soft and full of movement, perfect to mount above a bed or a dresser. Add a modern touch to a kitchen nook with a Blue Aqua Tribal pattern wall art print made up of spiky diamond shapes.

For a modern minimalist themed home, stark black and white pattern wall prints add that extra wow-factor. Mix and match or mount one as a statement piece next to a floating black glass shelf. Then add some accent lighting to draw the eye to these stunning designs.

Waves create wonderful patterns and we have an exquisite choice of wave pattern canvas wall prints in a palette of blue, sea-green, aqua and turquoise.

Patterned framed canvas wall art prints are ideal for bringing ambience to hotel rooms, conference centres, board rooms, medical rooms and show rooms.

If you cannot find what you want in our pattern wall print collection, let us create a unique custom pattern art canvas décor piece for you. Just go to our Custom Request form (below) and provide a description or upload an image and let us do the searching for you.